Read all about the theme of this year: YES.

This year’s ‘YES.’ theme is dedicated to the emotion that lives among the nightlife crowd, calling on them to commemorate that positivity always wins and to celebrate life together. 

To express ourselves, but above all to show how the dance floor has always been the place where you can be yourself and let everything go. We open the doors wide and say Fuck it: let's go beyond all reason and self control.

In this new edition we go back to our house. We're bringing our beloved culture back to life in all its facets by becoming the biggest club on earth for only one night.

Our visitors will also notice in terms of show that we’ve made some progress. As usual, we hit them around the ears with sensory bombs and grenades, but in addition to being big and compelling, this time we are also going for small and personal. With our 8D sound system, the sound is everywhere and you feel like you are directly in the club. In addition, the visitors will be part of the stage design this year.

Expect the usual world-beating standard of production to give a feast for the eyes as well as the ears. Sensation has been a groundbreaking event ever since its arrival on the scene in 2000, bringing a new level of production and sense of occasion to dance music with its breathtaking arena shows.

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