Be Part of the Night, dress in white

‘Be part of the night, dress in white’ is more than a catchphrase. The white dresscode is a tribute to one of Sensation’s founders, Miles Stutterheim, who tragically lost his life in 2000. The color white was originated to celebrate the beauty of his life and it is there as a reminder to all of us to celebrate life in the best possible way.

That white crispy and fresh look creates a certain feeling of sexiness. Everyone pays extra attention to his or her outfit. Well-styled looks are covering the dance floor and it instantly creates a relaxed and cool vibe in the beginning of the evening. Because of the all white dresscode the crowd becomes part of the show. Imagine that magical moment when you enter the arena, an ocean filled with thousands of people all dressed in white, the crowd immersed in a tidal wave of euphoria, a breathtaking view at all times… 

And then there is that feeling of unity and togetherness. That atmosphere is what matters the most. Together, dressed in white, we are one. So let’s celebrate life in the best possible way! Gather with your friends and loved ones, meet new people and create new memories. The night is yours, do you have your all white outfit ready?
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We can't wait to unite in white with you again.