Travel sale


You can book the ultimate Sensation Travel experience on our website! Turn your Sensation night out into an unforgettable getaway with a Travel & Ticket Package in your preferred style. From airport pickups to hotels and limousine services. We’ve got it all.

Get the Travel & Ticket Packages now and secure your spot for Sensation 2022 on July 2nd.

Get your Travel & Ticket Packages HERE

Once again, we become the biggest club on earth.

In our house, everyone is welcome.
In our house, anything goes.
In our house, the answer is always yes.

Yes to the love.
Yes to the groove. 
Yes to the extravaganza.

Yes to the freedom.
Yes to the release.
Yes to the unity.

Let’s go beyond all reason 
and self control.

Yes to all.

Join us for a night full of live entertainment, a stellar House line up and the most spectacular show production.

After the Travel Sale, our Presale with the last remaining tickets for Sensation 2022 will start on the 15th of March 12:00 (CET).