When will the ticket sale start?

Ticket sale has started. Click here to get your tickets now!

Are the ticket(s) I bought in 2020/2021 still valid?

If you have not requested and received a refund, your ticket(s) from 2020/2021 are still valid. The mainbuyer will automatically receive a request to personalize your ticket(s) for the edition of the 2nd of July 2022. You can check your ticket(s) via

Are travel packages bought in 2020/2021 still valid?

If you have not requested and received a refund, your Travel package from 2020/2021 is still valid. The mainbuyer will automatically receive updated tickets and a new voucher for the edition of the 2nd of July 2022. You can check your ticket(s) via

Where to buy?

Be sure to get your Sensation tickets via the Ticketsale which starts on 26 March 2022 at 12:00 CET!  

Which ticket types are available?

The following ticket types are available:

Entrance ticket:

This ticket gives you access to the main area and main dance floor, where all action takes place.

Deluxe ticket:

The Deluxe ticket is the ultimate way to experience Sensation in style. With a Deluxe ticket, you’ll enter the Johan Cruijff ArenA Amsterdam via the designated Sensation Deluxe entrance. You’ll be welcomed by our lovely hostesses and upon entry you will receive two free drink tokens and a complimentary locker. Throughout the night, you’ll have access to the exclusive Deluxe areas including the Silver stage with an amazing DJ lineup (DJ lineup clickable zodat mensen die ook direct kunnen checken. The specially build Deluxe decks in the main area give you the perfect location to experience the show to the fullest.

Panorama Lounge ticket:

This ticket includes access to the Panorama Lounge and deck, which are both situated on the East side of the venue. Furthermore, you have access to the main area and main dance floor. The Panorama Lounge has an open bar and finger food will be served during the night.

How many tickets can I buy?

A maximum of 9 tickets can be selected per order (per bank account and address). If you book more than 9 tickets, your tickets might be cancelled. 

How does the queue system work?

Visitors who open the link to the order page will be allocated a spot in the waiting queue by the system. 

You are advised not to refresh the ticket page or you will lose your position and be placed at the back of the queue.

How can I pay for my tickets?

The following payment methods will be available:

·    iDEAL

·      Maestro

·      Credit card (MasterCard & VISA)

·      Sofortüberweisung 

Personalization of your tickets

For Sensation, you will have to personalize your tickets.

During the personalization process, please make sure to fill in the correct name right away, as you will be charged a service fee for name changes.

Hotel packages

Enjoy your Sensation weekend to the fullest and treat yourself with a stay at one of Amsterdam’s greatest hotels. As of Tuesday 10 March 2022, you can already buy Sensation tickets including hotel packages via our official online ticketshop. More information about the available hotel packages can be found here.

For further questions, please sent an email to

Celebration Deluxe Ticketholder

If you currently have a Celebration Deluxe ticket, you've received an email with important information about your ticket.

Due to a renovation in the Johan Cruijff ArenA the Celebration Deluxe area does unfortunately no longer exist. As we of course want you to have the most splendid Sensation experience, we would like to alternatively offer you a Panorama Lounge ticket including a Deluxe ticket and ArenA Card. 

You will find all information about this matter in the email. If you are in possesion of a Celebration Deluxe ticket but haven't received an email, please contact our customer service via

Ticket guarantee

Although we're confident and positive Sensation will be taking place, purchased tickets are refundable in case Sensation is cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions in The Netherlands.

General info

Opening times

The venue doors will open at 21:00 and the show will begin at 22:30. Please make sure to arrive early so that you have enough time to enter the venue and you don’t miss the spectacular opening show! The event will end at 06:00 AM.


Johan Cruijff ArenA in Amsterdam

The address for your navigation system is:
   Johan Cruijff ArenA  ArenA Boulevard 1
  1101 AX Amsterdam

Minimum Age

Sensation is an experience for adults (18+).


Before entering, the security can ask for your identification to check your name and age.

Food & Drinks

Various types of food and drinks are available from one of the many vendors throughout the venue. 

Free water

Free water is available at the restrooms in the Johan Cruijff ArenA.


Lockers for General Admission tickets The E-Lockers are located inside the Johan Cruijff ArenA. The E-lockers remain accessible throughout the entire event and are continuously under surveillance. Book your locker ticket online (until a few days before Show) or at the event. 

Lockers for Deluxe tickets and Panorama Lounge tickets Your Deluxe ticket is including an E-locker. The E-lockers are available at the event and are located inside the Johan Cruijff ArenA at the Deluxe and Panorama Lounge check-in. The E-lockers remain accessible throughout the entire event and are continuously under surveillance 

SIZE: You can share one locker with two to three friends. You will be able to store a few jackets, sweaters, t-shirts etc. 

Tip: take a picture of your locker voucher, so you will always remember your locker number and locker PIN code.

Payment System

Payment inside the venue can only be done with your bank card or credit card (MasterCard/Visa). Cash payments are not possible. 


Smoking is not allowed within the entire Johan Cruijff ArenA. 

COVID-19 Restrictions

We say Yes. To All. Everybody is welcome, there are no restrictions. However if there are any specific restrictions applicable on show date we will inform you timely via our website, our socials and our Last Event Info.

Disabled access

Elevators are located at the South H entrance. Any visitor with a disability, not only wheelchair users, can use these elevators to go to the field or to level six.

Disabled toilets are available at pith level (2) and level 6.

Wheelchair accessibility are at the backside of entrance H through P1/the Transferium.


Please note that during Sensation it is not allowed to bring backpacks and/or weekend bags inside. Handbags are allowed inside if they are not larger than A4 size and not thicker than 10 cm. There can be searched and bags checked. We ask you to leave bags at home and ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Table, Boxes & B2B

Exclusive Tables

The ultimate way to experience Sensation is to share an exclusive table with an intimate group of your closest friends.

The tables are situated on a platform providing a great vantage point to witness the show. 

Interested in booking a table? Please contact us via


Want a more private space to enjoy the show with your group of friends or business relations?

At Sensation we have several private boxes available throughout the ArenA.

For more information and bookings, please contact us via

B2B & Large Groups

Are you looking for a once in a lifetime Sensation experience?

We have various packages available which can be personalized to your special wishes and needs to create an unforgettable evening with your group of friends or business relations. To find out the broad range of possibilities, please contact us via

How to get there


It is a 5-minute walk from Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA train station to the Johan Cruijff ArenA. Alternatively, you can go to Station Duivendrecht, it’s a 10-minute walk towards the Stadium. Use your OV chipcard or buy an e-ticket for your journey.


Metro lines 50 and 54 and various (regional) bus lines stop at Bijlmer ArenA train station. Use your ov-chipcard for the journey. 

By bus

Bus line 300 of Connexxion R-NET uses special coach lanes between Haarlem train station and Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA. On business days: 10 times every hour and once every hour during the night. Use your OV chipcard for the journey. 

Bike (or scooter)

There are bicycle racks at the square in front of Villa ArenA, opposite Main Entrance E of the Johan Cruijff ArenA. Your motor bike can be parked on the pavement of P6. 

By car

Sensation encourages the use of public transport. However if you want to come by car, the address for your navigation system is:
  Johan Cruijff ArenA  ArenA Boulevard 1
  1101 AX Amsterdam

Disability Parking

Parking spaces are reserved for people with mobility problems in P-1/Transferium. Follow the signs from the road or motorway.

Please do not try to park in this area unless you hold a European Disabled Parking Permit, also known as a Blue Badge; all cars are checked for this during events. From P-1/Transferium it is easy to reach the south side (Entrance H) of the venue, where the elevators are located. The maximum height for vehicles entering P-1 is 2.25 meters.

The costs for parking during the entire event: € 25.00 excluding service fee, tickets for P1 can be booked here:

Uber & Taxi

Taxis can be found at the North side of the Johan Cruijff ArenA. We advise you not to reserve a taxi, but just wait in line after the event at the Taxi stand. If you do book a taxi for you return ride, please follow the signs to the pick-location, near Parking P3. Also checkout our Interactive Area map:


You can book your parking ticket via the venue here

Health & Safety

First aid

At Sensation, our heroes at the first aid are there to help you at any time of the night. Are you not feeling well? Then head over there. Don’t worry, they won’t call your mother if you have been misbehaving, and they certainly won’t tell the police. Their biggest concern is that you are doing well, so don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Zero Tolerance

All big dance events in the Netherlands operate under a governmental ‘zero-tolerance policy’. This means that no soft- drugs or hard drugs are allowed during Sensation.

Bringing your medication

Bringing your medication is only permitted in combination with an official doctor’s note.

What you can’t bring

Your safety is extremely important to us. Therefore, everything and everyone is searched at the entrance. Do you have something with you that is on our ‘blacklist’? Then we’ll throw it away. Pay attention! In some cases, access to the event may be denied.  You’re not allowed to bring weapons, sharp or hard objects, glass and fluids.   When in doubt, contact us via or our Facebook Messenger. 

Breast pump station

Bring your breast pump to our First aid area for a private place to pump.

Ticket personalisation

Why do I need to personalize my tickets?

All larger events are confronted with organizations and people that try to resell tickets for far too high prices. To prevent this, we ask ticket buyers to personalize all tickets by indicating the name of the person who will attend the event. By doing so, tickets will be available for a fair price and belong to an individual visitor. This also gives us the opportunity to send relevant event information to all respective visitors. 

How do I personalize my tickets?

After purchasing your ticket(s) you will receive an email confirmation of the ticket purchase. This email will not yet include your tickets. To receive your tickets, you first have to personalize them. In the email with the purchase confirmation, you will receive further information regarding the personalization process, such as the date from which it is possible to personalize your tickets.

For each ticket, personal information needs to be filled in, such as the full name and email address of the person attending the event. Be aware that the information has to be unique for each ticket and please use the names as mentioned on the respective identification documents (passport/ID card).

After filling in the information, you will receive your personalized tickets. If you have not received your tickets within 24 hours, please contact Paylogic Customer Service

Instructions for the main booker (the one who bought the tickets).

Step 1: Open the email of your order confirmation that you received via Paylogic after you have purchased your tickets for Sensation 2022. Click on the link “PERSONALIZE NOW” in the email. This will bring you to the personalization page of Sensation.

Step 2: Start personalizing your ticket Click on the button of the personalization page to start personalizing your Sensation ticket.

Step 3: Create a Sensation account.

Step 4: Personalize and claim your ticket. In your personal Sensation account, you will see an overview of all tickets of your order. The first thing you need to do is to personalize and claim ONE ticket for yourself.

Step 5: Invite your friends (only applicable if you have purchased more than one ticket). After you have claimed your own ticket, return to the order overview by clicking “back to order”. If you have purchased more than one ticket, please invite your friends to the personalization process by clicking on “invite”. Select ‘copy link’ to copy the personalization link, which you can send to your friends. It is important that you do not send this link to people that are not part of your order, as this is the key to your tickets. Remember: ALL your friends need to personalize their tickets individually. They also need a Sensation account for this.

Step 6: Receive the Sensation tickets. Once ALL tickets have been personalized individually by your friends, YOU (as the main booker) will receive them in your email. Please take note that the tickets will only be sent to you once every single ticket has been personalized.

Step 7: Send the tickets to your friends After receiving all the tickets, you can send them to your friends.

Thank you very much for your cooperation and we can’t wait to welcome you at Sensation! 

Instructions for the ticket holders that didn’t buy their tickets themselves.

Step 1: Open the invitation link to personalize your ticket. The main booker (the one who has purchased your ticket for you) sent you a link to start the personalization process. Click on that link. If you did not receive that link, please get in touch with the person who purchased the ticket for you and ask him/her to follow the instructions for the main booker (see above).

Step 2: Create a Sensation account

Step 3: Personalize your ticket. Follow the instructions via the link. Please note that you will not receive your ticket before Step 4.

Step 4: Receive your ticket from the main booker. As soon as every ticket holder has personalized their ticket, the main booker (so not you) will receive all tickets via email. Please ask the main booker for your ticket.

We can’t wait to see you at Sensation!

Pressing the OK button doesn’t work?

Please make sure that you have filled in every field, otherwise, the personalisation cannot be completed. If you are certain every field has been filled in and you still experience a problem, please get in touch with the Paylogic Customer Service

Until when do I have time to personalize my ticket(s)?

You do not have to personalize your tickets immediately; tickets can be personalized up to 48 hours before the event.

I forgot to personalize my ticket(s). What now?

Tickets can be personalized up to 48 hours before the event. In case you forgot to personalize your tickets on time, you will be contacted by PayLogic.

Should I bring an identification document to Sensation?

Yes, before entering, the security can ask for your identification to check your name and age.

Please note that a copy of your identification document will not be accepted as a valid identification document. If there is another name on your ticket, access to the event can be denied. In such a case, the ticket cannot be refunded.

Do you have any other questions related to tickets? Please contact the Paylogic Customer service

How can I change the name on my ticket(s)?

In case the name on a ticket needs to be changed, you can click on the link in the e-mail which you've received after purchasing your ticket(s) or via this link.

If you can't find the link, please contact They will help you with this matter.

Can I personalise more than 1 ticket?

If you have already personalized a ticket, it is not possible to personalize another ticket.

Can I change the e-mail address?

You can change you e-mail address by contacting our ticket supplier Paylogic via their contact form or livechat

I lost my ticket(s), what can I do?

If you cannot find your ticket(s) anymore or if you have lost the confirmation email including your ticket(s), please contact our ticket supplier Paylogic via their contact form or livechat


Can I add a person to my booking?

Yes, this is possible when there is sufficient availability in the hotel. The mainbooker can write an e-mail to including order number, amount of extra people and whether they need an entrance ticket as well. Additional costs for the extra person(s) need to be paid. An administration fee of €32,50 is applicable.

Can I change the name of the mainbooker to someone else?

Yes, this is possible and free of charge. The mainbooker can send an e-mail to with the new mainbooker in Cc. This e-mail should contain the following information of the NEW mainbooker: 

  • First Name

  • Surname

  • Date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy)

  • E-mail address

  • Phone number

  • Zip code

  • City

  • State

  • Country

Can I change my accommodation to another one?

Yes, it is possible to change your accommodation when there is enough availability at the preferable accommodation. The mainbooker needs to contact and we will process your request. Additional costs for the preferable accommodation need to be paid. An administration fee of €32,50 is applicable.

Can I change the duration of my stay?

Yes, it is possible to change the duration of your stay when there is enough availability on the night(s) you want to extend. Please contact and we will process your request. Additional costs for the extra or changed nights need to be paid. An administration fee of €32,50 is applicable.

Is a transfer included in my package?

This depends on your package. If you have chosen a hotel within walking distance, you won’t receive a transfer voucher. Otherwise, you will receive a voucher for a transfer to and from Sensation (Johan Cruijff Arena).

I cannot find/did not receive my booking confirmation, what do I need to do now?

Don't worry, this happens to the best of us. Your booking confirmation may have ended up in your junk-folder or the e-mail address wasn’t correct. In that case, please send an e-mail to and mention your travel order number (you will find this on your bank statement). We will resend you your booking confirmation.

If I already own a ticket from 2021, can I buy a travel package in the sale of 2022?

YES. if you already own a ticket from 2020/2021, it is possible to get a travel package in the Ticket sale which starts on March 26, 2022.


Press accreditation

If you want to apply as press for Sensation, you can send an email to

(SEMI-) Professional cameras

Cameras and GoPro’s for personal use are always welcome! Professional audio-visual equipment is not allowed on the terrain unless you have been granted press accreditation. You can bring your selfie sticks, if they are foldable and no longer than 1,5 meters. 

Dress code

Be part of the night - Dress in white

We strongly abide by the all-white dress code. Access will be denied when you don’t live up to the dress code, even with a valid ticket. We won’t refund your ticket. 
  YES White shirts with small prints of another color.  YES Accessories of another color.  YES Shoes of another color.   YES White jeans.  YES Maximum of 20% of your outfit in another color.  YES White shorts.  YES Flip-flops.