dance4life Thailand

This year, dance4life is starting up in Thailand, in Bangkok and 9 other regions. We will initially reach out to 10,000 young people during the first year, visiting them in schools to increase their knowledge and life skills. Young people in Thailand become sexually active at a young age, but only about half of them are using condoms consistently. Most teenagers will not remember the HIV prevention campaigns that were carried out during the 1990s, and so are mostly unaware of the risks of unsafe sex. Because young people in Thailand cannot access relevant information, they try to educate themselves through the internet, movies, magazines, and other forms of media. This of course means that young people run a huge risk of being misinformed - believing the myths rather than the correct and complete information. Because of this, the risk of HIV infection and other STIs, and teenage pregnancy, is high. All these issues, and more, will be dealt with during the dance4life Thailand programme.

As in all dance4life programmes around the world, youth culture, music and dance play an important role in the dance4life Thailand programme.

Published: 29th May 2012