Be part of the show and download the app!

Amsterdam   published:  JULY 5, 2017 Sensation - Be part of the show and download the app!

For the very last edition of Sensation Amsterdam, we invite you to bring the Sensation experience to new heights. With the app, your phone will become part of the show by activating it during the Intro and The Megamix. Immerse yourself with thousands of people, united through music, dance and twinkling lights in unique ways -- One. More. Time. 

With the Sensation App, you'll also have everything you need for the big night, including the Main Stage and Deluxe timetable and event information.

Download now and test the app by activating it with the track via our Soundcloud:
(Be sure to press “activate" on the app just before playing the track to watch the whole preview).

Download the app of iOSDownload the app for Android