Metropole Orkest Academy x Mr. White

Amsterdam   published:  JUNE 1, 2017 Sensation - Metropole Orkest Academy x Mr. White


Sensation is pleased to announce the Metropole Orkest Academy together with Mr. White to present the opening ceremony for the ’The Final’ edition of Sensation Amsterdam on July 8th! The program will be created by Tom Trapp and Benno de Goeij with the Metropole Orkest Academy conducted by Tijn Wybenga. Prepare yourself for an astonishing symphonic dance ensemble as the Metropolole Orkest Academy, Mr. White, Nora Fischer (lead vocalist), and New Amsterdam Voices (backing vocals) to take you on a  musical journey through 17 years of Sensation.


About Metropole Orkest Academy:
Metropole Orkest is keenly aware of its unique position as an orchestra offering superior quality when it comes to light music. Therefore, the orchestra is happy to share its knowledge and experience with future generations. The Metropole Orkest Academy is a talent development program for students of the Dutch conservatories. It provides first-hand experience to learn from the musicians, management, and support staff of the world's most versatile pop & jazz orchestra. Students get a chance to follow the professionals of the Metropole Orkest whilst participating in several workshops and masterclasses, sometimes even putting on concerts themselves.


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See you at Sensation ‘The Final’ on July 8th!