Last event info - Bud Light Sensation Monterrey 2016

Monterrey   published:  NOV. 2, 2016 Sensation - Last event info - Bud Light Sensation Monterrey 2016

Saturday we present our show Sensation ‘The Ocean of White’. To ensure a smooth start and to get the most out of the event, we advise you to read-up on the last event info, which can be found below.


The venue opens at 8.00 PM. Make sure you don’t miss the spectacular opening. The show ends at 4.00AM. The venue has 6 entrances, your ticket states the entrance gate through which you must enter. 


10.00PM – 11.00PM | Mr. White and YAX.X

11.00PM – 12.00AM | East & Young

12.00AM – 01.30AM | Nicky Romero

01.30AM – 02.45AM | Showtek

02.45AM – 04.00AM | Laidback Luke

04:00AM | End

The minimum age of entrance to the event is 18 years. Even with parental permission or with guidance you are not permitted entrance when under the age of 18.


The white dress code means your top and bottom need to be white. T-shirts with small prints are allowed, as are various colored accessories. Shoes don’t need to be white.

YES White shirts with small prints of another colour.

YES Accessories of another colour.

YES Shoes of another colour.

YES White jeans.

YES Maximum of 20% of your outfit another colour.

YES White shorts.

YES Flip-flops.

NO Topless dancing - guys or girls.


Tickets are available via Access will only be granted with a valid ticket. All our tickets are sold through Superboletos or

If you have any questions about your tickets, please go to or the box office at Arena Monterrey when purchased through Sensation go to When you are in possession of a Paylogic e-ticket please go Arena Monterrey Box Office special window between entrance G1 and G2 and receive a Superboletos ticket which will give you access to the event. Deluxe ticket holders will receive three cupons for complementary drinks once entered the venue. These cupons can be exchanged at the bars in the Deluxe areas.


To exchange Paylogic tickets it is important to consider following points: 
* The Main Box Office Arena Monterrey Poniente is enabled. There will be a sign outside the window. The exchange for the event will be from 6PM November 5th.
* To make the exchange you must be in the list provided by Paylogic and present your official identification as stated on the  and proof of purchase electronic (e-ticket).
* Deluxe ticketed people enter through doors K2; People with Cancha tickets and Butaca General tickets, will enter through gates G1 to G4 as marked.

You can store your belongings & clothing at the coat check. We have one location inside the venue between entrances G1 and G2 , please follow the signs.

There are plenty of toilets situated in Arena Monterrey. These can be used free of charge and are being cleaned on a regular base. 


All drinks, food and other items can be purchased with cash or card. There will be 4 ATM’s available in Arena Monterrey. All in the main concourse.

Various types of food and drinks are available at outlets in the main concourse or you can ask for waiter service in each of the sections throughout the venue. Even though there are many outlets, you might have to form in line to be attended. 


At the butaca section we have an area for the special needed with great view and close to the bathrooms with facilities for the special needed.


Smoking areas are outside the entrances of Arena Monterrey.


Stay close and aware of your belongings.


Any person that lost any personal belongings can ask for help with any of the security personel. Any objects founded by venue´s staff will be reported to Cuarto de Control de Seguridad. 


To make sure you capture all special moments at Sensation, you may bring your mobile phone(s) and/or pocket digital cameras. Except for persons holding an official Sensation press accreditation, (semi-) professional cameras and video cameras aren’t allowed and will be taken from you at the entrance of the venue. 

Go Pro’s are allowed to take inside the venue. Selfiesticks however are prohibited to take inside the venue.

Share your Sensation moments on Twitter and Instagram with the official Sensation hashtag #BudLightSensation. And follow us on Snapchat (sensationglobal), Twitter and Instagram.




5:00 am to 12:00am.

In order to take the subway a fee must be paid and Line 1 (linea 1) will take you to the closest exit near the venue which will be showed on the next map:


There are three bus stops close to the venue shown on the following map.

Three bus routes are available:

If arriving from east to west, routes:2-89-73-99-70-71

From South of the city, routes: Satelite & Estanzuela

From North of the city, routes: 1-55-214


Various Taxi companies are always aware of the events taking place at Arena Monterrey and they are available for service at the end of every show.

Taxi drop off/pick up is located on Avenida Fundidora right before arriving at the front entrance to the venue which is entrance E-1. Exact location of taxi drop off/pick up will be showed on the following map.




Access to the venue from west to east on highway is via Avenida Morones Prieto and taking the first exit (U-turn) on Avenida Revolución which will take you to AvenidaFundidora and the venue is straight down on the right. Upon arriving to the venue, local staff and crew will be in charge of directing vehicles to their corresponding parking lots.

Access to the venue from east to west on highway is via Avenida Constitución taking the exit on the right to Avenida Fundidora which will take you to the venue straight down on the right. Upon arriving to the venue, local staff and crew will be in charge of directing vehicles to their corresponding parking lots.