Last event info Sensation Japan 2016

Tokyo   published:  SEPT. 2, 2016 Sensation - Last event info Sensation Japan 2016

Saturday we present to you our show Sensation ‘Innerspace’. To ensure a smooth start and to get the most out of the event, we advise you to read-up on the last event info, which can be found below.


The venue opens at 9.00 PM and the show starts at 10.30 PM. Make sure you don’t miss the spectacular opening. The show ends at 5.00 AM.

9.00 PM:           Doors Open

10:30 PM:         Mr. White

11:45 PM:         YAX.X and HiRAPARK

01:00 AM:         Steve Angello

02:30 AM:         Tom Staar

04:00 AM:         Yellow Claw

The minimum age to enter the event is 20 years. Even with parental permission or with guidance you are not permitted entrance when under the age of 20. Everybody is asked to identify themselves, so bring your valid ID. This can be your passport, a Japanese driver’s license (foreign driver’s license is not ok) or a basic resident registration card. Copies are not ok. 

The white dress code means your top and bottom need to be white. T-shirts with small prints are allowed, as are various colored accessories. Shoes don’t need to be white.

YES White shirts with small prints not bigger than 10x10 cm of another color.

YES Accessories of another color.

YES Shoes of another color.

YES White jeans.

YES White shorts.

YES Flip-flops.

NO Topless dancing - guys or girls.

Access will be denied when dress code is not being followed, no refund. There will be a merchandise stand outside to meet the dress code.

Tickets will be sold at the door from 9PM and online at until 9PM. Access will only be granted with a valid, printed ticket. Confirmation mails or anything else don’t function as an entrance ticket. Most tickets are sold through Lawson, these buyers are in possession of a hard copy ticket. Some of our tickets are sold through with ticket operator Paylogic. These ickets need to be exchanged for hard copy tickets. As from an hour before opening you will be able to exchange these tickets at the “Ticket Exchange desk” next to the Regular entrance or the Deluxe entrance. Bring your ID and the ticket.

You can store your valuable belongings & clothing at the coat check. At the coat check desk you will receive a bag. You can fill up this bag with your coat and purse or other belongings and leave them at the coat check on the second floor for Regular and at the Deluxe coat check at the Deluxe entrance.

SIZE: You can share a bag with a friend (bag is 45 L). You can store a few jackets, sweaters, T-shirts or shoes,

The coat check for Regular ticket holders is YEN 1,000, for Deluxe ticket holders it is for free. You will receive a number you can use to pick up your belongings at the end.

There are plenty of toilets on several points inside the venue. These can be used free of charge. This year we doubled the toilets compared to last year.


Payments can be done with cash only for Regular and Deluxe ticket holders. At the Exclusive Table area you can pay with credit card. ATM’s are not available at the venue so please make sure to have enough cash on you.

Various types of food and drinks are available. This year we doubled the staff compared to last year. 


Make sure you capture all special moments at Sensation, you may bring your mobile phone(s) or a small pocket digital camera. Except for persons holding an official Sensation press accreditation, (semi-) professional cameras and video cameras aren’t allowed and will be taken from you at the entrance of the venue. Share your moments with us and use #SensationJapan. 


Two merchandise stands are located outside the Makuhari Messe, at the Regular entrance and at the Deluxe entrance. These merchandise stands are open on Saturday from 9.00 PM. At this stand we will have a nice Sensation collection available with white clothes and accessories. There will also be a merchandise stand inside the venue at the Regular entrance next to the bar on the left side entering the hallway.

Merchandise also available online, CLICK HERE  

You can also attend Sensation when disabled. Notify our staff and they will guide you to the entrance for disabled visitors (2 Lv. Hall 11, the door of the Regular chill out area. Normally this door is closed during an event. Operation crew will escort you to entrance gate, check your ID, dress code, baggage, ticket and take you to the disabled visitor area on 1 Lv with the elevator (Hall 10, Disabled visitor area). Only one person is allowed to accompany a disabled visitor.


There will be designated smoking areas in the Makuhari Messe. Behind the VIP deck for VIP. Outside the Deluxe area on the second floor. There will also be IQOS areas for PMJ IQOS smokers.



By public transport 

Sensation encourages everyone to choose an environmental friendly means of transportation.



  • JR Keiyo Line : 5minute to walk From Kaihin Makuhari station to Venue.

   (30min from Tokyo station, 12min from Soga station to Kaihin Makuhari)

  • JR Sobu LineKeisei Line : 17minute to bus(for Makuhari Messe Central) From Makuhari Hongo station to Venue. (40min from Akihabara station to Makuhari Hongo station)



40 minutes From the Narita Airport   (Keisei Express Bus URL:

<LOCAL BUS from the Makuhari Hongo Bus stop>

  1. For Makuhari Messe: Makuhari Hongo →Kaihin Makuhari station(5min. walk to venue) Total take 15min.
  2. For QVC Marine Field: Makuhari Hongo →Town center(3min. walk to venue) Total take 17min.
  3. For Makuhari Messe central: Makuhari Hongo →Makuhari Messe Total take 17min.



Address: Chiba-shi, Mihama-ku, Nakase 2-1 / TEL: 043-296-0001

<About 40min. From the Central of Tokyo / About 5min. From Wanganmusasino I.C. and Makuhari I.C

<About 30min. From Narita Airport/ About 5min. From Wanganchiba I.C>