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Sensation - RISE - Ferreck Dawn
Ferreck Dawn
Sensation - RISE - Franky Rizardo
Franky Rizardo
Sensation - RISE - Mr. White
Mr. White
Sensation - RISE - Dirty South
Dirty South
Sensation - RISE - Kevin Saunderson
Kevin Saunderson
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Kevin Saunderson LIVE@RISE
Sensation - RISE - Kevin Saunderson

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The American producer and DJ Kevin Saunderson is a truly living legend that changed the face of electronic music in the past 3 decades. Kevin Saunderson has long been recognized as one of the genre’s most respected profiles and has established himself as a benchmark for an eminent Detroit techno sound. Stand by and get ready to receive your techno refined, clarified and 100% pure by the living legend Kevin Saunderson.