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Sensation - RISE - Ferreck Dawn
Ferreck Dawn
Sensation - RISE - Franky Rizardo
Franky Rizardo
Sensation - RISE - Mr. White
Mr. White
Sensation - RISE - Dirty South
Dirty South
Sensation - RISE - Kevin Saunderson
Kevin Saunderson
Sensation - RISE - Format:B

Sensation - RISE - Format:B

Artist info | Format:B

On the forefront of the German techno scene, Format:B is ruling dancefloors with their significant impellent MotorFunk sound. Format:B is a German duo consisting of Franziscus Sell and Jakob Hildenbrand. Their common love for music led them into creating their own Formatik Records, which is currently one of the scenes leading electronic imprints of this time. Prepare and get ready for the techno side of tech house with Format:B.