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Sensation - RISE - KO:YU

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One of the most incredible things about dance music is its never-ending search for innovation; new sounds, new styles, new projects, always moving forward. KO:YU is an artist who embodies that ethos. Previously known under the name Deniz Koyu – a shortened version of his birth name – KO:YU has already achieved far more than most. But his new project is set to be the most exciting step in his musical career since he laid his hands on piano keys at the age of five. 


Itching to create something fresh and to keep his sound moving forward, KO:YU’s new material is the culmination of years of practice, plus a refreshing feeling of inspiration. One listen to his debut single under the new moniker, ‘Don’t Wait’ ft. Example, the follow-up ‚A Way Home’ with Don Palm or his amazing remix for The Chainsmokers’ ‚Young’ gives you an idea. A true perfectionist, KO:YU’s new material incorporates heavy and infectious pop hooks with cutting-edge sound design that is destined to bring him to even wider audiences and even greater acclaim.