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Sensation - RISE - WHOISJODY
Sensation - RISE - Dirty South
Dirty South
Sensation - RISE - Matisse & Sadko
Matisse & Sadko
Sensation - RISE - Mr. White
Mr. White
Sensation - RISE - Dirtcaps
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Dirty South LIVE@RISE
Sensation - RISE - Dirty South

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23 Jun 2018 O2 Arena RISE

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Flying in all the way from Australia the two-time Grammy nominated producer and DJ Dirty South has just unveiled his latest studio album ‘XV’ embodying a mature and diverse sound that showcases Dirty South’s musical journey over the course of the past 15 years. Dirty South likes making music that surprises and keeps you wanting more. Shifting more towards a tech house sound Dirty South always has the insatiable desire to play quality tunes for the masses to enjoy.